Web Development Social Enterprise & Junior Developer Accelerator

PurposeSocial employs the best practices in the industry to give you a superior performing website.

Our team makes sure that your website has analytic features
built-in (that you don’t have to worry about), so that your website is optimized to attract more traffic – and real customers!

We have a team that also works on IT ps-team

projects that contribute to important social and academic research projects.

Our Junior Developers are mentored by a team of Senior Mentors who have extensive experience in the tech industry.
The Junior Dev team learns how to collaborate effectively on a technical team, while simultaneously building their portfolios so that they have real-world examples to show future employers.

PurposeSocial is committed to diversity in tech, and has a technical team comprised of at least 50% women and minorities at all times.

We give back to the community by providing mentorship and training via our Junior Dev Accelerator.

For more info contact: info@purposesocial.com